Why Solar Lifestyle?

Powered by the sun on all levels – from your roof and car to your body and soul!
Live life to the fullest in abundance, love, light, joy and freedom with Solar Lifestyle. Together, we are creating a new model of sustainable lifestyle powered by the life-giving Sun. Using sacred spiritual practices, distilled sunlight in food and essential oils, solar energy, green transportation and architecture, we can enrich our lives while solving the number one crisis in the world – climate change. Ready to join the solar revolution?


Solar Lifestyle  is a network of individuals and organizations with a shared vision to power the planet with clean renewable energy. We embrace solar lifestyle that is powered by the sun. We are working together with our partner organizations Local Earth and Powur  to promote a clean energy initiative to install solar panels on over 2 million homes by 2025!


We are inspired by the sun rises, by eating sun foods, by using distilled sun energy in the form of essential oils, by growing our own organic food, by practicing PanEuRhythmy (a dynamic meditation practice that connects us with the sun energies and Nature)

Solar lifestyle is about showing people a new way to connect with the sun and to power our lives, a better way to power our homes, a better way to power the world that will create a world that is cleaner, a world that is more healthy, a world that is more sustainable,  a world that is more abundant. Solar energy has always promised abundance, access to the infinite energy of the sun compared to the limited dirty energy that comes from the fossil fuels that causes 7 million people to die in a year from pollution-related diseases. We morally can not let that happen anymore, providing we already have the technology to harvest the abundant energy of the sun.

We come from a place of Love, Unity, and Purpose! We are about a sustainable, thriving, abundant and clean energy future for the entire planet! We are about returning power back the people, about owning our energy, and about being independent, truly from monopoly utilities. And most importantly we are about protecting and stewarding our sacred earth for all generations to come.

“May the long time sun Shine upon you.
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you guide your way on.”
Sat Nam
“May we have mind as bright as the Sun,
heart as pure as a crystal,
soul as vast as the Universe…”
Beinsa Douno


Expand your knowledge in Solar Lifestyle practices, be inspired of what is coming, stay abreast on the latest transportation technologies that can be powered by the Sun, learn which are the best solar gadgets for your outdoor trip and much much more…

  • The Rising Sun exercise from PanEuRhythmy

    Pan-Eu-Rhythmy is a Divine gift which was brought down from Heaven by the Master Beinsa Douno. “The Paneurhythmy attunes human beings, organizes and harmonizes their inner forces, coordinates them and directs them towards conscious life.”