The sun is a model that truly inspire us.
We connect with the Sun on a daily basis
and we consciously embrace practices that keeps us aware of its significance.

Powered by the sun on all levels from our homes and cars to our body and soul, we live and enjoy life to the fullest with abundance, love, light, joy and freedom. We consciously connect with Nature, greet the Sun, perform sacred practices that keep us healthy and connected. We spread peace and love everywhere we go. We are creating a new model for living. We invite you to embrace Solar Lifestyle !


We have experts in different fields that practice the Solar Lifestyle.

Boris Mitov

Founder & Visioner

As founder of Next Hi Tech and the Enlightened Humanity Network, Boris is passionate about Future technology and Accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy. He is the visioner and chief evangelist of Solar Lifestyle.

Nina Landau

Solar Inspirer

Nina has helped hundreds of people to go solar. She inspires people to make an easy switch to solar and preserve the planet for future generations !

Joshua Alvord

Local Earth Founder

Joshua is developing a global network of educational Eco villages that demonstrate regenerative solutions to the social and environmental challenges we are facing on the planet today. Joshua leads Eco lifestyle challenges and immersions.


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in Solar Lifestyle