Solar Lifestyle Mission is to Accelerate the adoption of Solar Energy on all levels by millions of people on Earth. The health of humanity and our planet depends on the adoption of Solar Lifestyle on a mass scale.  


We envision a world powered by the Sun on all levels. Through forming communities where we practice Solar Lifestyle we prepare humanity to reach a level where we become a Solar Civilization.


Solar Lifestyle is an education center where we teach people how to be powered by the sun literally on all levels – starting with greeting the sun at Sunrise, practicing dynamic meditation that connects us with the energies of the Sun, drinking concentrated sunlight in the form of fresh raw juices, utilizing stored distilled sunlight in the form of essential oils, helping homeowners power their homes and cars by sunlight. We do that to achieve the much-needed sustainable living on our beautiful planet that we must preserve for our kids and all future generations. 


Solar Lifestyle is a network of individuals and organizations with a shared vision to power the planet with clean renewable energy.  We are working together with our partner organizations Local Earth and Powur to promote a clean energy initiative to install solar panels on over 2 million homes by 2025!

Boris Mitov

Founder & Visioner

As founder of Solar Lifestyle, Next Hi Tech and the Enlightened Humanity, Boris is passionate about Future technologies and Accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy that will benefit the health of the people and the planet.

Joshua Alvord

Local Earth Founder

Joshua is developing a global network of educational Eco villages that demonstrate regenerative solutions to the social and environmental challenges we are facing on the planet today. Joshua leads Eco lifestyle challenges and immersions.

Jonathan Brunaso

Solar Consultant, MBA
National Solar Team Leader at Powur

Wally Arida

Solar Consultant

Wally Arida is a recognized leader in the American solar industry. He is one of the highest rated solar pros in the USA. And one of the most knowledgeable. He has installed over 800 solar systems to date. And Powur Energy ranks him Top 5 among its over 6,000 representatives nationwide. Wally is also recognized as one of the leading mentors in the company. Over three quarter of his solar business come from referrals by his existing happy customers. This is a testament to his impeccable commitment to excellent customer service.

Andrew Smith

Solar Consultant

Chris Brunasso

Solar Consultant
Helping homeowners go solar & businesses+salesmen offer solar to clients


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in Solar Lifestyle, helping thousands of homeowners convert their homes to solar homes