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We are so proud of you for taking the first step for making a difference on our planet and you can earn well at the same time!!!

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How to Get the Electric Bill and Set the Appointment 

Scripts for conversations

You have two goals as a Solar Ambassador:

FIRST GOAL: Get an electric bill

SECOND GOAL: Set an appointment ON Boris’s calendar


First – My friend Boris will put solar on your house. You pay zero.

Second – Your monthly electric purchases from the utility company will go away.

Third  — Your new monthly electric bill will be from Solar. And it will be half of the old electric bill. I will have Boris call you. What’s your phone number?

A simple script to talk to the homeowner:

You know the best way to save on the electric bill is to go solar. I have a solar consultant friend that can help you check out if your house is suitable for solar. If it is, he can design a free solar system for your house and calculate how much you will be saving monthly and yearly. I know it does not cost any money out of pocket to go solar and with the current incentives from the government that pays 30% for your Solar system cost, it just makes a lot of sense. He only needs your current electric bill to see how much energy you use annually and what price you pay so he can make the savings report. Usually, people that go solar save up to 50%. Do you do paper or online billing? If you send me your electric bill I will forward that to him and he will call you to set a time to present you with the solar savings report. How does that sound?

Generic Pique Interest Approach

Hey! Have you ever thought about going solar? Would you like a FREE energy evaluation for your home?


“Have You Heard” Approach

Hey, have you heard how affordable solar power is now?


Have you noticed a lot of people recently gone solar? Do you want to learn why they go solar?

Have you heard that California requires all new homes above 2 stories to go solar? Do you know why so many people are going solar?

“Electric Bill Cost” Approach

Hey, quick question, what’s your electric bill run (on average) each month?


“Got 2 Minutes?” Approach

Hey, I know you were interested in solar for your house, got 2 minutes to watch a video that explains it better than I can? (haha)


“Going Green” Approach

Hey, I know you’re all about the environment, you look into solar yet?


Do you know that 7 million people die from pollution related diseases? Do you also know that one of the largest causes of pollution is caused by burning fossil fuels for energy? I have a friend, solar consultant, that helps people go solar and produce their own CLEAN renewable energy from the Sun. You get to save a lot of money on your energy bill as well, as you increase the value of your home. I think it will be good for you to checkout if solar will work for you. There are more than 2 million people that have gone solar, but I feel everybody should do their share to help the environment. What do you say to connect you with my solar consultant friend and he can help you figure out if solar will make sense for your house? He will need your most recent electric bill so he knows how much energy you use per year so he can design you a solar system that will cover your electricity needs. He will also see from the bill how much you are paying and compare to what you would pay if you install solar that will actually increase the value of your house too. Shall I connect you to him? I can send you his calendar link where you can book a short solar discovery call to see if your home will qualify for the Zero down solar programs he offers.

Example Conversation Starters

“With the situation at hand, everyone will be home using more electricity than they would normally. Sunny days are here and so is more AC and Pool Pump usage. Cutting costs has become a top priority with the uncertainty, except for cutting the electricity bill. I know a friend that can help you.”

“What’s your average electricity bill?” Whatever they answer say “If a friend can help lock in your payment at (50% that number) and that never changes, and you won’t have to pay anything to do so…would you be interested?”

“If you were renting a home for say $2000/mo, and you knew they would raise your rent 5% EVERY year for the rest of your life. And I told you that you could buy the house and only pay $1500/mo which would never go up, AND you wouldn’t have to put any down payment…would you do it?” That is exactly what solar does. Owning your own power plant, instead of renting it.

“How many electric bills have you paid in your life?”
“How many more will you pay?”

“DO you have any control over the price the monopoly utility is charging you?”

“When does your contract with the Utility company end?”

Solar not only makes sense. It makes money.
Look I’m going to give it to you straight…
The sun saves you money, period.
It also saves the environment.
So my question for you is, do you want
to save money and the environment?

Did you know that on average, homeowners can save about $25,000 over 25 years when they switch to solar power – talk about saving for the future! This clean and pollution-free process can provide electricity to your home for less than what your electric company charges.

Possible Conversation:

Have you noticed that your electric bill has gone up from previous years?

They will most likely reply with an YES

Do you know that there is an amazing way to save a good deal of money by going solar. It increases the value of your house, saves you money every month and it is the right thing to do for the environment. If it does not cost you a dime out of pocket, would you be open to a FREE solar consultation to see if your home qualifies?

if they say YES – ask them to send you a clear copy of their electric bill on email. This way you have their email, you already probably have their phone and you can enter their address from the utility bill. You will be on the way of earning $1,000.


I have a friend whose mission is to help homeowners save money on their electric bills and save the planet at the same time. He will basically eliminate your electric bill and replace it with a much lower solar payment that will never increase. It is ZERO out of pocket expenses for the solar system, and you even get a fat check from the government for installing solar. You will have energy independence, peace of mind and increased value of your home. Homes with solar sell for premium prices and much faster than regular homes. What do you say, would you like me to connect you with him? He only needs your electricity bill so he can see how much power you use and how many panels he will need to put on your roof. Also he will be able to see how much you pay now and compare that with the solar option, so you will see the economic proposition. Do you do paper or online billing? If it is online – just download the most recent electric bill and email it to me. I will forward it to him.

Here are a few extra conversation starter ideas:

a) Are you a homeowner? Have you ever considered solar? Were you aware that in the last few months everything has changed? You can get solar now with literally zero down, save on your electric bill, increase the value of your home and get away from dirty energy! Would you be open to a short 10-minute call to find out if it works for you?
b) This might sound crazy but I cannot sit back anymore and I’m on a mission to convert as many roofs as I can to solar power. Have you ever considered solar?
c) I’m partnered up with some exceptional entrepreneurs in solar. I’m in a contest and I need to get three people to have a discovery call by the end of the weekend. All the call does is tell you about getting solar with literally zero out of pocket and save you money every month. There are no strings and it’s a really short call. Can you help me out?
A.A.F.A.R. – Always Ask For A Referral! Who do you know I can help out to save money on their electric bill and help the planet at the same time?


If somebody asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to – just say: That is a great question. Let me connect you with the solar expert and he will answer your question and all other questions you may have about solar.
Then pull up my calendar and schedule a call.
TIP: bookmark my calendar page:

Also bookmark this page for easy referral when you need it.

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  • $0 money out of pocket

  • A dramatic savings on your electric bill

  • An increase of tens of thousands $$ to your home

  • Huge tax credits

  • NEVER Increasing Electric bills

  • 30 YEARS WARRANTY  on the entire solar system

  • Energy Independence and Peace of Mind

  • A cleaner world for future generations

Scripts to send messages

GOOD for E-Mail:

I know you own a house and my friend Boris has been helping a lot of homeowners by reducing their electric bills and increasing the value of their houses at the same time. You know, you have zero control over the ever-increasing electric bills… It is smart to lock a low monthly payment that never increases, and that helps the environment too. He has even an amazing current promotion till the end of the month for no payments for 12 months with $0 money out of pocket and lower payments after that… and I thought of you that you may want to check him out and see if that will work for your house. Not every house qualifies and it is good for solar, but it is worth a try and take advantage if you can while the promotion is still going. You can find out more about what he is currently offering here:

Let me know what you think. If you have any questions you can book a short Solar Discovery call with him and he will help you find out if your home will qualify. Here is his booking link:

FACEBOOK Social media posts Ideas:

Everyone loves to save money, and with these unprecedented times, we are all looking to save where we can! Now, you can even save money on your electricity bills! Going solar just makes sense, dollars and cents, and the best part is you can go solar today for ZERO Down. After you watch this video link below, we’ll set up a time to review your Energy Savings Report and see how solar can help lower your electric bill.

Are you tired of your rising electricity bills? Looking for a way to actually save money? Look into Solar today! Click on the video link below to learn about going solar for ZERO down. That’s right, no extra money out of pocket!

ALRIGHT! – You’ve bought the perfect house, NOW – how do you improve it? By going Solar, of course! You save money from the very first day! Reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills! Click on this video link to learn about the top 10 Questions on going solar!

Are you tired of your electric bill going up year, after year? Now is the perfect time to go solar!
Solar growth is at an all-time high! Click on this video link to learn about the top 10 Questions on going solar!

What’s better than saving money???
Why continue with those electric bills when you can go solar?
Solar can save you money from day one! Check out this video about “Why Solar!”

NOTE: Tweak the above lines in any way you’d like that suits your way of expression. Also, change the links to your own links otherwise I will get all those leads 🙂

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Tips for Success

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Hints and tips for success

  • Aim for big electricity bills which usually go with Larger houses; Couples with children; Swimming pools… We can show more savings to the homeowner and they will be more likely to go solar.
  • New houses or recently repaired roofs go solar much easier
  • Houses with no direct shading from trees will qualify easier. If the roof does not get any direct sunlight, because of tree shading the home will not qualify for solar, unless the homeowner is willing to cut those trees that give the shade.
  • Make sure the homeowner has credit above 650 to qualify for zero down financing. From 650 to 700 the financing company looks at debt to income ratio. Above 700 points most homeowners can get approved instantly up to $100,000 for solar loans. The score would not matter if the homeowner is willing to pay cash for the solar system.
  • Get the electric bill. Without clear copy of the electric bill we can not design the solar system, nor can create a contract down the road. We need to know how many kw the homeowner is using per year and at what cost, so we can present the savings report. So ask for clear photos of the electric bill – we need all 4 corners of each page visible in the photos. The best is if you can get the PDF copy of the bill from the website of the utility if the homeowner is doing the bill payments online.

Start referring and track progress as you earn

Login to Your Dashboard – get your referral link. Send to homeowners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Usually, the entire process of going solar takes around 60 days, but we tell the homeowner 90 days just to cover ourselves in case of unforeseen delays. It is better to underpromise and overdeliver than overpromising and under-deliver. We want to keep our customers happy.

You get paid one week after the installation happens via direct deposit to your bank account.

POWUR General Contractor is AVAILABLE IN THESE STATES updated list: 03/03/2023

  • CT
  • OHIO
  • UTAH

Outside of USA:

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Meet Your Solar Consultant
Stay in touch with Boris Mitov

Boris Mitov is the Founder of Solar Lifestyle, Enlightened Humanity, and Next Hi-Tech. He is passionate about practices and technologies that connect people to the Sun, accelerating the adoption of sustainable clean energy and making the world a healthier place to live. He is looking for solutions for solving global problems of climate change due to pollution from man-made activities and the use of old technologies.

He is a professional Solar Consultant and he has provided the much necessary expertise to homeowners in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and other states, that wanted to discover if solar will work for them. He has helped them with solar design, answering their questions, choosing the right panels, inverters, installers.

He deeply cares about the health of the planet and people. He is excited to serve many homeowners and he is on a Mission to help humanity transition to Solar Civilization.

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