Earn money while you help the community and save the planet

The COVID situation has impacted so many businesses negatively. Real estate is one of the sectors that was hit seriously. The market is in stagnation. If you are in the real estate business you know sellers are thinking that the market is going to bounce back, and the buyers are thinking the market is going to sink… so everybody is in a standstill. That is a big problem for real estate agents because that means one thing –> no sales, and no sales = no income… At the same time, Powur is doubling every month the solar installs and is growing rapidly…

Would you be interested in making extra income by helping homeowners increase the value of their property, lower their electric bills permanently, and do the right thing for the environment without costing them a dime out of pocket?

Bring amazing value to your past customers that you assisted in buying their house! Help them again by offering one year of no electric bill payments with $0 out of pocket expenses, while increasing the value of their house and doing the right thing for the environment. You will be generously rewarded for referring them with $1,000 deposit in your bank account for each homeowner that goes solar and becomes energy independent!

Powur gives the best referral program

For each homeowner, you refer you earn $1,000 when they install solar. You will be able to easily check the progress of the leads you submitted into the Powur system and see how they move from the proposal, to permit, to the installation… and see how the money is hitting your bank account as the installation completes. We have some of the shortest install times in the industry since our processes are very streamlined.

STOP High Energy Bills

GET a FAT Check from Uncle Sam

Help the community

1) By going solar the homeowners you refer save money from day one. They don’t even have to pay any payments for 12 months if they go solar before end of August.

2) Increase the value of their property as they pay off their solar system

3) They Get a Fat Check from Uncle Sam for going solar.

4) Make them an active part of a cleaner world and set new standards for their neighbors and local community.

5) Bring them a peace of mind in case of energy emergency and possible blackouts due to storms – the panels, inverter and the roof work come with the super solid 30 year warranty;

INCREASE the value of the home


Why doing this helps the planet, our children and the future generations?

By helping homeowners to be powered by solar energy you help heal the planet and offset the CO2 gases that are being constantly pumped in the atmosphere by the dirty energy companies. Powur is the only solar company that has zero carbon footprint. Leave a legacy to the future generations by helping homeowners to switch to clean renewable source of energy. Let everybody enjoy a healthy planet and its beauty. Let’s all be part of the solution!

Hints and tips for success

  • Aim for big electricity bills which usually go with Larger houses; Couples with children; Swimming pools… We can show more savings to the homeowner and they will be more likely to go solar.
  • New houses or recently repaired roofs go solar much easier
  • Houses with no direct shading from trees will qualify easier. If the roof does not get any direct sunlight, because of tree shading the home will not qualify for solar, unless the homeowner is willing to cut those trees that give the shade.
  • Make sure the homeowner has credit above 650 to qualify for zero down financing. From 650 to 700 the financing company looks at debt to income ratio. Above 700 points most homeowners can get approved instantly up to $100,000 for solar loans. The score would not matter if the homeowner is willing to pay cash for the solar system.
  • Get the electric bill. Without clear copy of the electric bill we can not design the solar system, nor can create a contract down the road. So ask for clear photos of the electric bill – we need all 4 corners of each page visible in the photos. The best is if you can get the PDF copy of the bill from the website of the utility if the homeowner is doing the bill payments online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Usually, the entire process of going solar takes a little under 60 days. Permitting and inspections take longer. The installation usually happens in one to two days.

Once you setup your free Solar Ambassador account you will be able to set up your bank account to receive the payments automatically one week after the install of the homeowner you referred into the system.

Boris Mitov is the Founder of Solar Lifestyle, Enlightened Humanity, and Next Hi-Tech. He is passionate about practices and technologies that connect people to the Sun, accelerating the adoption of sustainable clean energy and making the world a healthier place to live. He is looking for solutions for solving global problems of climate change due to pollution from man-made activities and the use of old technologies.

He is a professional Solar Consultant and he has provided the much necessary expertise to homeowners in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and other states, that wanted to discover if solar will work for them. He has helped them with solar design, answering their questions, choosing the right panels, inverters, installers.

He deeply cares about the health of the planet and people. He is excited to serve many homeowners and he is on a Mission to help humanity transition to Solar Civilization.